Business Etiquette And Professional Development Training

Protocol International is a corporate etiquette, protocol training and professional development consultancy with years of experience in delivering custom designed workshops. We effectively educate and coach our clients the empowering skills of domestic and international business protocol and corporate etiquette, networking, dining skills, and professional image strategies.

Our mission is to present contemporary, universally accepted corporate etiquette and protocol programs in a professional manner, offer tools that contribute to developing healthy working relationships and provide guidance to our clients so they may use these tools to meet goals and objectives with grace, civility and style.

Ask the Expert!

Cheryl Walker-Robertson, certified protocol coach will be your personal protocol, civility and etiquette expert.

Let us know your question or situation and our expert will email you your answer.

We can help you if….

  • you need to know how to make up for a faux pas with a client.
  • you need to know which fork at your table is for dessert.
  • your concerns about civility in your business organization.
  • you are traveling internationally and need to be civil and culturally competent.

Our Book is HERE!

The Power of Civility



The Power of Civility, on sale now.

“Successful people possess highly refined networking skills, and possess a sense of civility in their interaction that is unmistakable.”



The Power of Civility is packed with thought-provoking perspectives on what civility really means, as well as practical solutions for incorporating civility best practices into your work and life.

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