Business Etiquette Training and Professional Development

Business Etiquette and Professional Development Training

Protocol International is a corporate etiquette, protocol training and professional development consulting firm with years of experience in delivering custom designed workshops.

Our Work

We work with corporate executives, athletes, colleges and universities, international clients and more to provide helpful coaching, education, and workshops that focus on empowering skills like domestic and international business protocol and corporate etiquette, networking, dining skills, and professional image strategies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to present contemporary, universally accepted corporate etiquette and protocol programs in a professional manner, offer tools that contribute to developing healthy working relationships and provide guidance to our clients so they may use these tools to meet goals and objectives with grace, civility, and style.

Announcing Our Newest Book...
Rules of Engagement How to Win at Dining with Clients and Other Important People

In a rapid changing world, the way we do business can be daunting. Basic rules of engagement are universal and social skills are the saving grace in many interactions.The Rules of Engagement is a playbook of etiquette essentials for establishing positive first and last impressions. Knowing what to do during a business dinner is just as important as knowing what not to do.

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