May 24th, 2017

Etiquette is a learned behavior based on the environment in which you were raised or the educational courses you’ve taken. Some etiquette rules are not easy to remember. More importantly, there isn’t always someone there to remind you when you’ve broken a rule in etiquette.

  Let’s take a peek at the 10 most common etiquette errors:

  1.   Forgetting to make a proper introduction- Be sure to keep in mind to introduce people when one doesn’t know the other.
  2.   Answering a call when you’re already demanding someone else’s attention
  3.   Yelling at a child in public. Embarrassing for the child and everyone within earshot.
  4.   Coughing or sneezing without making an attempt to avert the spread of germs
  5.   Forgetting the presence of service people. Both acknowledge and thank them; they are not invisible.
  6.   Pointing at someone – instead of pointing, be sure to use an open hand.
  7.  Coughing into your right hand – your right hand is your ‘social’ hand
  8.  Broadcasting personal conversations on the cell phone and on social media. 
  9.  Placing elbows on the table during a meal.
  10.  Performing hygiene tasks in public (ie. flossing teeth, brushing your hair, etc.)

Although these rules seem as though they should have been learned at an early age, it’s never too late to learn good manners and proper etiquette. Protocol International is here to help you avoid making these mistakes. Contact us for a consultation!
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