Our Divisions

The Elite Athlete Division

Whether you aspire to be a high school, college or pro athlete, all athletes must understand that it is more than just performing during game time. Having a strong personal and professional brand is essential to representing your team, your organization, your community, your family, and yourself.

The signature Elite Athlete Division has designed workshops to strengthen and position an athlete’s visibility off the court, the green, and the field —building a persona that is polished, poised, and yields a greatness that is reflected in your integrity, as well as your game.

At Protocol International, our goal is to have fans cheering for you and impressed by your performance on and off the court. We teach universally accepted protocol and etiquette practices that allow athletes to consistently excel in various business and social engagements that include networking at combines, traveling with the team, dining with coaches and sponsors, as well as business meetings.

Our expertise enables us to provide the appropriate tools and techniques that cover a wide range of topics that encompass communication skills, image enhancement, sealing the deal, personal marketing and branding, social media etiquette, and more.


The International Division

With rapidly expanding global business opportunities, it is becoming increasingly important for employers and employees to do business in other countries. It is necessary, therefore, to become familiar with and knowledgeable of the proper customs and protocol of other countries if we are to be successful in presenting ourselves appropriately and powerfully, we will miss the opportunities presented when doing business abroad and also when hosting internationals when they are visiting your country.

The mission of our international division is to equip its clients with the necessary tools needed to expertly conduct business while utilizing proper business etiquette, outside of their designated country or when responsible for impressing clients visiting from another country.

We strive to provide the knowledge and confidence that makes doing business abroad seamless while providing a great first impression for your international business partners.


The College and University Division

The college/university experience for some is the next step to the career of their dreams; for others, it’s the opportunity to experience the first dose of freedom from their family. How you spend your college years is very important and will affect the rest of your life.

It is essential to prepare for college and be familiar with how to conduct yourself during this experience. How you handle those years can define your future endeavors; the contacts you make; and, future opportunities.

Protocol International will equip you with the skills of appropriate etiquette and an awareness of the universally accepted rules of proper protocol that will not only allow you to succeed at your college experience but in all future endeavors.


The Corporate Division

Few of us would argue that being well versed in the art of proper protocol and etiquette is an expected skill for business professionals to possess. The corporate arena has changed tremendously over the past decade and new rules are continuously put in place. One thing that remains constant is the ability to make the best possible first impression in the corporate arena and continue that positive impression throughout a business career, by demonstrating skill and acumen in the art of proper business etiquette and protocol.

Success in the corporate arena dictates that corporate principals and the people who work for them be well versed and skillful in the art of protocol and etiquette if they are to be successful. Our goal is to provide management and staff the necessary tools to conduct themselves in the highest professional manner both inside and outside the office.


The Children’s Division

Great manners and etiquette are defined at a very young age. While children are developing, they learn manners, core ethics, values, and morals. Instilling the principles of proper etiquette is sure to set your children apart and aid them in continuing these patterns throughout their lives.

Our goal in the children’s division is to help lay a foundation for respectful, well-mannered youth that will have a long-lasting effect on their adult lives and generations to come.


The Special Groups Division

There are many other circumstances where knowledge and skill of proper protocol and etiquette can be extremely helpful. You may be a member of a business or professional organization, participant in corporate programs, an organizer of a conference or meeting, etc., where it is essential to know and understand the advantages and benefits of proper ways to conduct yourself.

These are instances that require common and sometimes not so common knowledge in these areas. Our goal is to ensure our clients are prepared to succeed when placed in these circumstances.