October 3rd, 2016


Expressing condolences and sympathy to another for the loss of someone is often extremely challenging. Finding the appropriate words and/or gestures to properly express your condolences is not only difficult, but often leaves us feeling inadequately prepared to choose the right words and expressions to deliver such a message.  So much so that in today’s society, it is slowly becoming the norm to not send condolences for fear of not handling it the right way. In America, there are over two…


September 27th, 2016


(The Key to Non-Verbal Communication)“What you are speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Last week an associate and I were discussing an upcoming project. In the middle of going over one of my ideas, my associate motioned his hand with what looked like a wave. I turned around and saw that he was waving to someone behind me. In that moment, I realized that his non-verbal cue was letting me know that it was not the time nor the place for the discussion;…


September 19th, 2016


I was headed to a meeting recently at a downtown office building. There was a guy a few steps ahead of me, apparent in a slight hurry. In addition to observing his light jog, I also noticed we were headed in the same direction towards the elevator. As the elevator opened, he immediately got in and began frantically pressing the ‘close door’ button causing the elevator door to close as I was only a few steps away. Because I was visible, his refusal to attempt to hold the elevator for me…


March 9th, 2015

We’ve mastered the finer points of the out-of-office reply in our last blog, now it’s time for that much needed vacation. You’re all set; bags are packed and hotels have been booked. Whether for business or pleasure, it is advantageous to master the nuances of proper protocol and etiquette for traveling. Let’s check out a few travel tips that will be helpful on your next vacation: Flight Check-in: You can avoid the possibility of missing your flight and being held up in long lines at…