Looking to learn how to control the impact of your appearance and influence on other people in your career field? We offer personalized services, coaching, consulting, and group workshops to help improve your professional development along with the development of your business overall.

Workshops and Seminars

Interactive and empowering workshops to enhance confidence which will allow you to thrive at business functions and events. Invite Protocol International to contribute to the professional development of your staff, divisions, executives, members, associates, family and groups.

Sample Programs

The Art and Science of Networking – Build Your Team
Finessing the Business Meal – Close the Business Deal at the Meal
Polished Business Interaction – Business Etiquette Training
Business Meeting Protocol – Meeting Etiquette and Boardroom Protocol
Techno Etiquette – Your Virtual Image
Social Skills Training – The Unwritten Rules
Dress to Impress – Put Your Best Image Forward

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Coaching and Consultations

Consultation services assist individuals in adding polish to their professional image by improving their business interaction and increasing their protocol intelligence.

Sample Programs

Personal & Professional Brand Plan
Designing Your Office Protocols
Corporate Gift Giving
One-on-One Post Workshop Coaching
Entourage and Family Coaching & Consulting


Protocol International Programs

Protocol International Programs are a combination of workshops, coaching, evaluation and reporting. These programs can be stand alone or can be an add-on and extra added value to an existing program. These programs will offer yet another competitive edge for your business and your number one asset—your employees. You will find these programs necessary training for any and every professional endeavor.

The objective is to provide a full-day or a series of developmental workshops that address soft skills and interpersonal skill development, offering your constituents exposure to contemporary and often unwritten rules of business behavior. They will have a protocol coach to offer advice and suggestions on the best way to handle professional protocol and business etiquette issues. Workshops will be an interactive discussion on navigating office decorum and professional relationships.

Sample Programs

Polished Business Interaction Program
On-boarding Program – A Talent Management Workshop Defined to Improve Performance and Retention
Social Skills Program
Internship Program – From Intern to Executive…Learning the Corporate Culture
Protocol Officers Program
Apprentice Program
Business Book Reading Program