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It’s National Business Etiquette Week! June 3rd – 8th

Guess what week it is!!! It’s National Business Etiquette Week! June 3rd – 8th.

It’s a week to assess and amp up business etiquette skills, acumen and strategies for every business setting. Effective office etiquette can help transform a company culture and can even result in the difference between business success and business failure.

Career success depends on growing past the awkwardness into the mature poise that others can rely on.

Using the Protocol International strategies assists you in setting a professional tone with co-workers, clients and customers. you’ll look forward to professional interactions as opportunities to shine while advancing the companies brand and your own.

In recognition of National Business Etiquette Week founded in 1997, we have compiled a list of 7 amazing office etiquette tips to transform your company culture and to celebrate the value of protocol. We will send one for each day that we hope you will share. Let this weeks newsletter serve as a reminder of the importance of successful business interactions that seem to be fading away in a digital world.

We invite you to engage with us on social media with your examples of good business etiquette and also your pet peeves around business etiquette.

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5 Tips for Sending Cards During the Holidays

5 Tips for Sending Cards During the Holidays
Sending holiday cards has a long tradition beginning with the first greeting card commissioned by Sir Henry Cole and illustrated by John Callcott Horsley in London on the 1st of May 1843. The central picture showed three generations of a family raising a toast to the card’s recipient. On both sides were scenes of charity, with food and clothing being given to the poor, This warm and fun tradition continues today in households all over the World. As the digital age continues to grow, the holiday season is usually the only time you may receive an influx of mail that you actually enjoy opening.

However, before you join in the fun and warm greetings of the Holiday, here are 5 tips to remember if you are planning to send out holiday cards to family and friends.

Send early – Whether it’s for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or New Year’s, make sure to give yourself enough time to address and mail out your holiday cards so that they are received on or before the intended holiday.

Don’t send family photos to business associates – Family and friends love receiving holiday cards with photos. However, it is not proper etiquette to send such personalized cards to your associates. Choose a more professional design for business contacts.

Include a return address– Even if you are 100% sure that you have the correct mailing address, include a return address just in case your card does not reach its targeted destination. Returned cards will help you manage and keep your card list up to date.

Include a handwritten note – Never send a card without your own personal touch, even if it’s just your signature. A small personalized note shows the person you cared enough to take time to address them personally.

Avoid sending a digital card – The only time a digital holiday card is appropriate is if you ONLY have a digital relationship (social networking friends) with the intended receiver. Otherwise, take the time to purchase and send imprinted cards for your holiday card distribution.
We love feedback and welcome you to share any thoughts or other helpful tips
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Cold Season is at Hand. There is a Protocol to Being Sick

To Sneeze or Not to Sneeze!
While the timing and severity of cold and flu season vary across the country, people are affected by the common cold all year long

While you are protecting your own health, displaying proper etiquette when you aren’t feeling well shows that you are also considerate of the health of those around you. To avoid getting negative reactions from others for a sneeze, runny nose or a bad cough, we have gathered a few etiquette tips to help with allergies and the common cold: Sneeze into your left elbow, not your hand

– Avoid shaking hands with someone if you are sick or have allergies
– Wash and sanitize your hands frequently
– It is appropriate to stay home if needed
– Avoid sharing food, utensils, and glassware

Colds are very common and can happen at any given time, and any season. Be sure to be prepared and keep these tips in mind to avoid spreading germs. 
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Listen With Your Ears, Not With Your Mouth

A few days ago, while dining, I found myself in an awkward situation. I ran across a colleague, whom I hadn’t seen in a while. I was very excited and anxious to catch up on events that may have transpired since we last spoke or seen one another. Although I was elated to see this person, I was also on my way to the restroom when we encountered each other. No problem, I thought, I’d just explain that I would be right back and we could continue our catch-up. As it turned out, I couldn’t seem to quite get a word in. Not only was I bogged down by a flood of information, but my body language also wasn’t being read and I feared I wouldn’t be able to break off the barrage without appearing rude. It reminded me of an old saying…” we listen not to understand, but for the opportunity to speak again.”

This interaction prompted a very important message that we would like to share with our readers. We want to take verbal communications back to the basics, and use this opportunity as a moment to explore “The Art of Conversation.” Conversation is a skill; it’s a verbal “interaction” between parties. Although it seems to be a rather simple topic; one that I’m sure most of us feel we may be pretty good at, I’m sure we violate artful conversation techniques quite often. (more…)
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Happy New Year 2018

The beginning of a new year is a great time to rethink, refresh and refine ideas and goals we would like to achieve in our personal and professional lives As we consider the things that allow us to accomplish more and become a better version of ourselves, Protocol International is looking forward to bringing you great tips to direct and keep you on the path to becoming a polished professional in 2018!

To begin the year, let us offer 4 major skills that are important to becoming a polished professional:

Listening Skills are important because they are needed to excel in any area of your life. It is not a skill that comes naturally but something we need to learn and apply as we communicate with others. In order to become great listeners, we have to learn how to overcome certain obstacles such as: prejudgment, mental distractions and being able to develop the skill to listen enough to hear what is not being said.

Communications Skills allow us to verbally and non-verbally express what we are trying to relay to the person with whom we are communicating. Your speech, body language and writing skills all fall under this category. Knowing the proper way to use these areas of communication is vital to conveying the right message.

Networking Skills are a gateway to new opportunities. Do you know how to prepare for an important networking event? There are a couple of key things you need to do before you walk through those doors and start handing out those business cards. In fact, are you aware that there are times when it is not appropriate to give out a business card. Hmmm…

Dining Skills are important because they can make or break that deal you have been trying to close. Knowing what fork to use may seem like a small thing but your table manners are more of a window to learning about you than you think. Whether a lunch meeting, dinner at the bos; home or attending a social event, don’t allow your lack of dining etiquette hinder a successful connection/deal.

Protocol International is pleased to be able to offer workshops and trainings that cover all these skills and more. Make 2018 the best year for you, your staff and your company by asking us how we can help you achieve MORE as a Polished Professional.
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