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It’s National Business Etiquette Week! June 3rd – 8th

Guess what week it is!!! It’s National Business Etiquette Week! June 3rd – 8th.

It’s a week to assess and amp up business etiquette skills, acumen and strategies for every business setting. Effective office etiquette can help transform a company culture and can even result in the difference between business success and business failure.

Career success depends on growing past the awkwardness into the mature poise that others can rely on.

Using the Protocol International strategies assists you in setting a professional tone with co-workers, clients and customers. you’ll look forward to professional interactions as opportunities to shine while advancing the companies brand and your own.

In recognition of National Business Etiquette Week founded in 1997, we have compiled a list of 7 amazing office etiquette tips to transform your company culture and to celebrate the value of protocol. We will send one for each day that we hope you will share. Let this weeks newsletter serve as a reminder of the importance of successful business interactions that seem to be fading away in a digital world.

We invite you to engage with us on social media with your examples of good business etiquette and also your pet peeves around business etiquette.

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What Happens When Your Co-Worker Becomes The New Boss?

Getting a promotion to a position of leadership is a great achievement, but as you transition from being a member of a group of coworkers to becoming the boss of that same group, things can get tricky, to say the least. This is particularly true if you have personal friendships with your new group of subordinates. You don’t want to suddenly turn your back on your buddies, but it’s important to explain to them that you are now in a different role and it’s not personal. The true professionals among them will understand. Don’t let those who resent you in your new role hurt your feelings or dissuade you assuming your new role.

When one of your coworkers becomes the boss, respect his or her new position. It’s fine to continue to be friendly with them, but don’t expect them to “pal around” with you as they once did. Continuing such fraternizing could easily put both of you in an awkward position. Let them know that you understand their new role, and you’ll do everything you can to make the transition as painless and as possible.

Be Aware of Company Policies The company may have some policies regarding the relationships between supervisors and their subordinates. Learn what those policies are and follow them to a T.
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Happy New Year 2018

The beginning of a new year is a great time to rethink, refresh and refine ideas and goals we would like to achieve in our personal and professional lives As we consider the things that allow us to accomplish more and become a better version of ourselves, Protocol International is looking forward to bringing you great tips to direct and keep you on the path to becoming a polished professional in 2018!

To begin the year, let us offer 4 major skills that are important to becoming a polished professional:

Listening Skills are important because they are needed to excel in any area of your life. It is not a skill that comes naturally but something we need to learn and apply as we communicate with others. In order to become great listeners, we have to learn how to overcome certain obstacles such as: prejudgment, mental distractions and being able to develop the skill to listen enough to hear what is not being said.

Communications Skills allow us to verbally and non-verbally express what we are trying to relay to the person with whom we are communicating. Your speech, body language and writing skills all fall under this category. Knowing the proper way to use these areas of communication is vital to conveying the right message.

Networking Skills are a gateway to new opportunities. Do you know how to prepare for an important networking event? There are a couple of key things you need to do before you walk through those doors and start handing out those business cards. In fact, are you aware that there are times when it is not appropriate to give out a business card. Hmmm…

Dining Skills are important because they can make or break that deal you have been trying to close. Knowing what fork to use may seem like a small thing but your table manners are more of a window to learning about you than you think. Whether a lunch meeting, dinner at the bos; home or attending a social event, don’t allow your lack of dining etiquette hinder a successful connection/deal.

Protocol International is pleased to be able to offer workshops and trainings that cover all these skills and more. Make 2018 the best year for you, your staff and your company by asking us how we can help you achieve MORE as a Polished Professional.
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Onboarding – Why It’s Important to Get It Right

Whether you run a small business or a Fortune 500 corporation with international offices, these numbers speak volumes to your bottom line and success strategy.

1. Make Introductions Introducing new hires to their new colleagues and helping them to understand your company values goes a long way in solidifying workplace friendships and positive team relationships that lead to full engagement and retention. Give your new hire a brief intro to the team they’ll be joining, and get those relationships started off on the right foot.

2. Send flowers or welcome gifts This strategy may seem excessive, but a good way to communicate your company culture and set a precedent for how you treat employees. And no one can deny that sending flowers would leave quite an impression!

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