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Start Your Vacation with Correct Travel Protocol & Etiquette

We’ve mastered the finer points of the out-of-office reply in our last blog, now it’s time for that much needed vacation. You’re all set; bags are packed and hotels have been booked. Whether for business or pleasure, it is advantageous to master the nuances of proper protocol and etiquette for traveling.

Let’s check out a few travel tips that will be helpful on your next vacation:

Flight Check-in: You can avoid the possibility of missing your flight and being held up in long lines at the airport by checking in for your flight ahead of time.

Cell phone Protocol: We all know that cell phones can cause a distraction and can hold up travel. The best tip is to turn off your cell or place it on “airplane” mode while getting prepared to travel.

Carry on less luggage: When possible, check your bags. Carrying less items on board allows you to be seated more quickly for takeoff and to exit flights faster and easier upon arrival.

Clear up any name confusion: It’s very important to make sure your name matches your ID and to clear up any confusion with your maiden or married names.

Luggage Identification: Adding an unusual tag or other identifying feature to your luggage helps to ensure a hassle-free time at baggage claim.

Don’t pack smelly snacks: Let’s leave the smelly snacks at home. Being mindful and considerate of fellow travelers makes everyone’s travel experience more pleasant.

Dress to impress: Although you’re traveling, you never know who you might run into or when and where that next business deal might surface, so always dress your best.

You are now officially ready to go on vacation. Wheels up!

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