Rules of Engagement: How to Win at Dining with Clients and Other Important People

In a rapid changing world, the way we do business can be daunting. Basic rules of engagement are universal and social skills are the saving grace in many interactions. In Rules of Engagement, the author coaches readers through a playbook of etiquette essentials for establishing positive first and last impressions. Knowing what to do during a business dinner is just as important as knowing what not to do. Competing in a crowded field of potential partners and prospects, the tie breaker may very well come down to the ability to execute the power plays of poise and engagement. The competitive advantage to bringing home the championship is here in your hands. Whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO, Corporate leader, or manager, the rules of engagement can secure your position on the “A” team!

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The Power Of Civility

Cheryl Walker-Robertson was chosen as one of 18 civility and etiquette expert authors to be featured. In her chapter, Networking with Civility – The Ultimate Business Tool, Robertson reveals successful tips on networking in a fun and imitative way. She states: “Successful people possess highly refined networking skills, and possess a sense of civility in their interaction that is unmistakable.” The chapter is packed with powerful tips from initial preparation, to smooth introductions, to a tiered strategy of quick follow-up reinforcements.

A corporate presenter of The Art of Science of Networking to Corporate Culture and Protocol Training, along with etiquette of branding and formal dining skills, Robertson is charismatic, empowering and fun. She honed her savvy business skills in corporate culture and on professional and philanthropic boards, including being a charter member of Odyssey Network. She received the 2010 Excellence in Business and Community Service Award from project Re-Direct. She has served on the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) Civility Board, an AICI Chapter Charter Member and as Chapter President of Business Networking International (BNI). As a consultant and travels frequently to the U.S. Embassy in Kenya as both a speaker and trainer.

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