January 5th, 2018

The beginning of a new year is a great time to rethink, refresh and refine ideas and goals we would like to achieve in our personal and professional lives As we consider the things that allow us to accomplish more and become a better version of ourselves, Protocol International is looking forward to bringing you great tips to direct and keep you on the path to becoming a polished professional in 2018!

To begin the year, let us offer 4 major skills that are important to becoming a polished professional:

Listening Skills are important because they are needed to excel in any area of your life. It is not a skill that comes naturally but something we need to learn and apply as we communicate with others. In order to become great listeners, we have to learn how to overcome certain obstacles such as: prejudgment, mental distractions and being able to develop the skill to listen enough to hear what is not being said.

Communications Skills allow us to verbally and non-verbally express what we are trying to relay to the person with whom we are communicating. Your speech, body language and writing skills all fall under this category. Knowing the proper way to use these areas of communication is vital to conveying the right message.

Networking Skills are a gateway to new opportunities. Do you know how to prepare for an important networking event? There are a couple of key things you need to do before you walk through those doors and start handing out those business cards. In fact, are you aware that there are times when it is not appropriate to give out a business card. Hmmm…

Dining Skills are important because they can make or break that deal you have been trying to close. Knowing what fork to use may seem like a small thing but your table manners are more of a window to learning about you than you think. Whether a lunch meeting, dinner at the bos; home or attending a social event, don’t allow your lack of dining etiquette hinder a successful connection/deal.

Protocol International is pleased to be able to offer workshops and trainings that cover all these skills and more. Make 2018 the best year for you, your staff and your company by asking us how we can help you achieve MORE as a Polished Professional.
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