November 22nd, 2017

Well can you believe it?! Thanksgiving is tomorrow. It marks the beginning of our holiday season. While I was in Bermuda I purchased a few wonderful things to prepare for the holidays. Preparation includes more than just a new linen tablecloth with matching napkins. As a jump start we would like to share a few Protocol International Thanksgiving Preparation tips

  • Invite at least one non-family member to ensure that everyone is on their best behavior, help temper tensions, and extend the bread and salt of welcome to neighbors and friends. It’s especially nice to ask someone from a different culture, for whom Thanksgiving is a curious novelty. As you explain the history of thanksgiving and tell the stories of your family celebration you’ll be reminded of why we celebrate.

  • There must be music: without it the gathering is missing something special and nostalgic. Selections can change throughout the meal. Perhaps make different people play the DJ role. Give your DJ some boundaries and choose your DJ considering their style, generation, so you ca mix it up. Our playlists include Marvin, the Eagles, James Brown, Miles Davis, Gregory Porter, Drake, The Manhattans, the Rolling Stones, Jay Z, Curtis Mayfield, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, A Tribe called Quest, Snoop, the temptations to name a few. We mostly like music the whole house will end up singing and depending on how late dancing to. What must be on your playlist?

  • No scented candles! Roasting turkey, stuffing, Mac n Cheese, Candide Sweets, and grandma’s pound cake that Rhonda has mastered should be the only aromas.

  • Clean, tidy, clean again. Pay extra attention to your bathrooms, which should be well stocked and absolutely spotless.

  • Organize your home so there is room for coats, a place for children to play, and somewhere for the adults to escape.(It’s perfectly acceptable to pile all of your junk into one room and declare it out of bounds.)

  • If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving at a restaurant, the usual rules of protocol and etiquette apply. But remember that most of the staff would rather be with their families than serving yours. When the check arrives…tip like Frank Sinatra or Floyd Mayweather.

  • Thanksgiving deserves a little pomp and ceremony. Hosts should prepare something to say at the start of the meal: grace or, a toast. This moment of reflection allows all to express their thanks for the food, family, and friends before them.

  • For more protocol international Thanksgiving tips let us know you want more. We love hearing from you.
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